Hair products you NEED in your life!

Over the past year I have been trying really hard to keep my hair pretty healthy! I haven’t been coloring it as often, I get my ends trimmed, and I have been investing in some pretty nice hair products to keep my hair soft and healthy!

I have really tangled, knotty, hair so the Tangle Teezer really saves my life! You can use this brush on wet or dry hair. It doesn’t pull my hair out and easily combs through the tangles. I bought mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $12, which is a little pricy for a hairbrush, but it’s really worth it to me because it doesn’t pull my hair out!


After my hair is all brushed out I ALWAYS use my It’s a 10 Leave in Conditioner. I love this product because it’s so many different products in one. It’s a detangler, a leave in conditioner, heat protector, etc. It’s super quick to use and I don’t have to put any kind of oil or anything else in my hair when I use this.


When I start to style my hair I always use my Babyliss Ceramics Xtreme blow dryer and Babyliss Nano Technology flat iron. The blow dryer gets pretty hot and it dry’s my hair so fast! I can totally notice a difference when I use my Babyliss dryer, vs a cheap dryer! The Babyliss flat iron makes my hair really sleek and shiny. It gets pretty hot so if you have thick curly hair it’ll give you that really sleek look to your hair as well. I bought both of these items on Amazon Prime so they were really affordable!


Before I use my heat styling tools, I always use the Tresemme Heat Protectant. This is such a cheap but effective product. Just spray it in your hair 2-3 minutes before you apply heat and it’ll really protect your hair and keep it from frying!



When I’m in between washes, I am pretty religious to my Batiste Dry Shampoo Hint of Color for Dark and Deep Brown Hair.This is just the best dry shampoo. I try out a lot of dry shampoos just to see if anything compares and nothing does! This is the only dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a white cast in my hair and make it look grey because it’s tinted for brunettes! You can buy this at Ulta, CVS, or Walgreens! Batiste leaves my hair looking and feeling really clean and refreshed! My tip for dry shampoo is, put it in your hair the night before so it can really absorb the oils and your hair will feel so clean and not gross when you wake up in the morning!



I ALWAYS sleep with a scrunchie in my hair! Haha. Yes, you can still find scrunchie’s if you look hard enough! J I found mine at Target, so I can be done! I love sleeping with a scrunchie in my hair because it doesn’t pull or nag at my hair and doesn’t leave a huge crease in my hair when I wake up.


Some other random products that I always use are:

Sebastian Zero Gravity hairspray. This hairspray has a really flexible hold, so your hair isn’t crunchy or gross. BUT! If you like really traditional hairspray you probably won’t like this one because it’s very flexible.



NUME Curling Wands. I LOVE curling my hair with curling wands and these are the absolute best curling wands I have ever found! They are expensive, but if you hunt for a coupon you can definitely get them for a fairly low price! They get really hot, and hold a curl really nicely all day.


I really like to keep my hair routine quick and low maintenance and all these products really help me out! You can find all these products on Amazon, Ulta, Walgreens, Target, and the Nume Website! Try some out if you’re interested! I know you’ll love them! J
















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