Single-shadow eye looks!

Lately I have been really into simple and fresh make-up! I think these types of looks are perfect for spring and you can really dress them up or dress them down. One of my favorite things to do right now is just use one shadow all over the lid and really work with the shadow to create a nice defined eye look.
I have a few favorite single eye shadows that I really like working with to create these types of looks.

MAC Woodwinked is my absolute favorite to wear on its own. I really like to pack the shade onto my lid and lightly blend it into the crease and it just gives the prettiest effect when it is blended out.

The single shadow I have been reaching out for a lot is the L’Oreal Bronze Taupe. I do the same technique with this shadow as Woodwinked, I pack it onto the lid and then blend out the crease so it gives some definition to my eyes.

Another L’Oreal eye shadow that I love to use L’Oreal Iced Latte. I use this shadow a bit differently, I use a fluffy brush and blend it all over my lid. I don’t work this one into my lid because it wouldn’t define my eye very well. I blend this all over and like to use a brown gel eyeliner on my top lashes to define my eyes that way!


If I have a bit of time, I like to use Jordana Sand Dune eye shadow. I like to use this wet because it kind of sucks dry! Dry, it is very chalky, and a little hard to work with. But when you use it wet, it packs on to the lid nicely, there’s not a ton of fall out and it is very opaque. I pack this shade, wet, onto the lid and very subtlety blend out the edges a bit, just so there aren’t any harsh lines.

I really like using the NYX pigments all over the lid also! Of course all loose pigments can get pretty messy at times, but I love the effect and sheen they give off! My favorites are pearl, white pearl, and mocha. 


The last single eye shadow I really love using all over the lid is MAC Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe is one of those classic shades that never goes out of style. You can wear it all over the lid, you can wear it in your crease, you can do everything with this shadow!


This season try out a single eye shadow to really define your eyes and create a fresh spring look! If you have any other single eye shadows that you like to use, let me know!